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If Everyone... by Rizafan203 If Everyone... by Rizafan203
Words copyrighted to Nickelback.
As heard in the Chorus of "If Everyone Cared" by Nickelback.

Today is what is being called Spirit Day to remember those of the LGBT Community who recently took their lives due to Anti-LGBT Bullying. As sad as it is to hear of such lives being taken due to something such as bullying that has gone on since the first ever person came out and said to the World, "I'm here, and I'm queer. Get used to it."

As the years have progressed, the bullying has gotten to the point, even past individuals taking it upon themselves to do away with such individuals. Be the bullying from within their own families to even Classmates bullying them...
The bullying has not only been centered around the Community of LGBT.

It has also been reflected onto those who aren't of the LGBT Community. Harassment has gone towards those of other defined characteristics.

-Case in point: A young 5 year old girl has found herself the focus of her bitter neighbors bullying by using the fact that the young girl is facing the fate of Huntington's Disease. It is their bitter way of getting payback of their own sick revenge against the girl's mother.
Who unfortunately, passed away a few years back.
To the point, the neighbors have posted a Facebook page w/an image of the Girl's mother sleeping with the Grim Reaper to even using a profile picture of the young girl's head above to X-crossed bones.

Typical of the Skull and Cross bones.

Regardless of the bullying...bullying is an act that can only be stopped when one person is willing to not look down on a person for the ethnicity, gender, race, orientation, language barriers as well as physical and mental disabilities/handicaps.

For the families that have lost a son or daughter that was of LGBT...May you find peace.
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October 20, 2010
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